Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First 10K!

Last Saturday morning I ran my first 10K! I ran in the "Pilgrim Pacer", which is a race that supports the Food Harvesters. This is something that I have always wanted to do but never thought that I could. Thanks to the loving support and guidance of my husband, the marathon man, I was able to complete the race in 59 minutes and fourteen seconds which is my best pace yet. I told Kyle it was because it was so cold outside, it made me run faster=) I don't know if this is true but boy was it cold! About ten minutes before the race began the first snowflakes of the year landed on my eyelashes and I thought oh great, just my luck.
As I was waiting for them to send us off I was feeling a bit nervous because everyone around me looked so professional about it. People were running sprints, on the ground doing push ups, and doing all of these fancy stretches. I, of course, was just standing there wanting to conserve all of my energy for what lie ahead. I did meet several nice women who were doing it for the first time as well. We stuck together to cheer each other on.
Overall it was a great experience and something I plan to do again, who knows maybe a half marathon is in my future. It is just hard finding the time to train with the little ones so we will see, that may be in the distant future. For now I am just happy that I was able to complete this challenge.
I am very excited for next weekend when I get to cheer for my hubby as he runs another marathon:) Good Luck Sweetie!!

Me taking photos with my fan club:)
My mom was there too just not in the picture.
Me in the final stretch.

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Amanda said...

Just found you from the race site, boy it was a brutally cold morning!! But they always put on a great race.

PS. I swear my hubs has the same hoodie as yours from our honeymoon!